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Tutorial course with videos and robotized audio translated from Spanish
Christmas offer 2019
Until December 24
Any of the 3 courses (COMPLETE):
  1. RecMin oriented to Geological Modeling and Estimating a Model of Mineral Blocks.
  2. RecMin oriented to the topography and design of mines, as well as surface and underground
  3. Application of the algorithm of the pentahedral method with RecMin to mineral bodies in the form of mantles
The virtual course Includes:
  1. TEACHING step by step from how to download, install and update the RecMin software to the most advanced in each course
  2. Unlimited access 24 hours a day to the virtual platform of the RecMin course where all the video tutorials of the course are housed to learn step by step.
  3. Access is delivered as soon as your payment is verified and I enable you the entire course.
  4. Support or help during the duration of the course.
  5. Opportunity to obtain the official CERTIFICATION "Expert in RecMin (equivalent to 100 hours of training) if you present the evaluations within the time that the access to the course lasts.
  6. It also includes the data to be able to develop the course.
If the course is hired by a company, the value is 697 dollars/course/user. Access is for all 1 year.
If you have really seen a good opportunity to know in a professional way RecMin mining software, to implement it in the mine you are working or in the project you are studying or suddenly if you are a student to do your THESIS work, then decide now to sign yourself to the advanced course that I offer you for this U N I Q U E OPPORTUNITY! ...
Geological modeling
and blocks with RecMin
Topography and Mine Design with RecMin
Application Pentahedral Method with RecMin
Christmas offer 2019
+ 27 dollars
to Obtain the Official Certificate
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This value can be paid at any time, while the access time you hire lasts
I recommend you choose the time that is most convenient according to your time availability.
of 697 dólares
only 97 USD
of 497 dólares
only 67 USD
of 297 dollars
only 47 USD
You can pay with your MASTERCARD, VISA online, by:
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Western Unión
  • Money Gram
You can send the money in cash for:
Payment Methods:
  • The price is by specialization. If you contract the 2 specializations, THE ADVANTAGE WOULD BE that the access time is doubled so you have ample time and study the 2 specializations with peace of mind.
  • The Offer is as is. There are no configurations or combinations of modules or discounts if they delete modules.
  • The offer is for professionals who pay out of pocket (proof of payment is issued)
  • The Offer does NOT apply if the payment is made by a company (it will pay the original price)
  • The value of the CERTIFICATE can be paid at any time during the contracted access or at the end of it.
  • The advantage of obtaining the Certification is that it is cataloged as an authorized and authorized RecMin user and this information can be validated with a single code on the RecMin website.
  • To obtain the certificate in addition to the payment, the student must present the work that is ordered in the course, to certify their learning.
  • *Pre - Grade Student: Is that professional who is still in basic training stage.
  • *Newly graduated: Is that undergraduate student who has just graduated from basic training as a professional and who is not more than 1 year old
  • The prices described above correspond to an Offer. They can be modified at any time.
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Yhonny, I still have some doubts and concerns
If it were the case, write to my WhatsApp and specify in a single paragraph what you want to know, since I speak Spanish and I will use the Google translator for your texts. My number is the following:
+51 - 969 835 909
Please, if you contact me, introduce yourself with the first and last name, to know who I'm talking to and the other thing is that you are specific in your query and AVOID simply saying "more information ..."
Yhonny, what will I learn or what will you teach me exactly in the course?
To answer that question it is better to review the syllabus of everything you will exactly learn in the course of RecMin.
Remember that there are 3 different courses. And you can choose to enroll in 1, or you can take advantage of signing up for 2, with this offer and you will double your access time.
Also remember that the course is with robotized audio and translated from Spanish. To see samples of the tutorial videos, you can watch some videos on youtube in this LINK
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Relator-Instructor of the RecMin course
Yhonny Ruiz
Take advantage of this fabulous training where I will teach you to get the most out of RecMin, so you can implement it in your mine works. It will be a pleasure!
Course - RecMin Tutorial