Yhonny Ruiz
And have you already tried to learn mine software on your own, without good results?
Do you need to use powerful professional software but can't invest too much in your training or that of your team?
Do you want to implement as soon as possible in your company or consulting software that helps them optimize time and money?
And would you like to carry out your projects in the most professional way and present them in an attractive way to your clients or supervisors?
Here is the answer
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RecMin is a free-use mining software developed by Cesar Castañón Fernández, currently Professor of Mining Engineering at the University of Oviedo, with hundreds of users in Europe, Africa, North America and Latin America. It facilitates geology, design and mining engineering work, which means daily and tangible savings in each project carried out.

A better way to get to know him is through video tutorials available through online training courses.
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To do this, the rapporteur Yhonny Ruiz (Peruvian Mining Engineer) has made available free virtual classes, so that the professional interested in learning about this wonderful software has an overview of the potential of this valuable tool.

The free DEMONSTRATION classes are available in 4 languages: Spanish (Narrated in native by Yhonny Ruiz), English, French and Portuguese (subtitled)
RecMin training available in 4 languages.
Discover the potential of RecMin mining software with this free online training of 3 classes for 3 days
RecMin - is a free license mining software that serves for mine topography, geological modeling, mineral resource estimation and mine design.
100% online - Classes - RecMin course
Face-to-face Training in Spanish
For Latin America
RecMin Online Course
The instructor of the RecMin, is Yhonny Ruiz, of Peruvian nationality, graduated in Ing. De Minas. He has recorded the course in Spanish and has subtitled all the material in English and Portuguese and also took the text of subtitling to robotized pronunciation in English and Portuguese language, so that this knowledge is better used by the different professionals of Geology and Mining in the world.
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Relator-Instructor of the RecMin course, Hispanoamerica
Yhonny Ruiz  
Take advantage of this fabulous training where you will learn key RecMin things that will undoubtedly help you in your mine works. It will be a pleasure!
RecMin - Tutorial Course
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